Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Natural Skin MD review

Dry skin? Need help? Try out Natural Skin MD.

A shielding lotion does the real work to prevent dry skin in two ways. 

First, it assists the inner layers of skin to absorb moisture. The humectant (an ingredient that attracts moisture) used in Skin MD Natural is unique to it and has been laboratory tested to be 6 times more effective than any other you will find in common creams.

Second, a shielding lotion enhances the power of the top layer of the skin to resist environmental irritants while protecting the inner natural moisture.

This can be a big benefit for those who cook, wash dishes and garden because Skin MD Natural helps skin retain its natural moisture and oils in the face of all those irritating soaps and chemicals.

The manufacturer's website www.skinmdnatural.com has hundreds of dermatologist and user reviews including many addressing severe dry skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis. People with sensitive skin -- and those of us who like to live as naturally as possible -- will appreciate that Skin MD Natural is hypoallergenic, free of fragrances, parabens and colorants. It is made with more than 90% natural ingredients and 100% food-grade ingredients that are on the FDA's "most safe" list. 

You can read here how and why a shielding lotion works, http://www.skinmdnatural.com/shielding-lotion/how-it-works/

You can find the list of ingredients Skin MD uses here; http://www.skinmdnatural.com/shielding-lotion/ingredients.html

  Skin MD is a great skin care product to help lock in moisture! They do have a few ingredients I am not the most keen on, but this lotion works great, without leaving that "greasy" feeling on your skin after applying. 

I can't say that we have any skin problems in our home. We did over the winter months with skin drying out and cracking like crazy! It was ridiculous. We also don't struggle with eczema or any other skin problems. So for us, using Skin MD was more of a preventative measure than a curative measure. 

They have some great customer reviews here; http://www.skinmdnatural.com/dry-skin-care/rave-reviews.html

I also appreciated there new lotion with SPF 15 in it! I am extremely white (being a redhead) and don't like to apply a whole lot of sun lotion on my face because it feels so greasy and I like to get a little bit of sun on it. 15 SPF is just the right amount!

You can order your own lotion today! Just head over to Skin MD.  They sell individual 4oz bottles, sample packets, gallon jugs, or cases of 12.

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