Review/Giveaway/Ad spot info

I am open to all new sponsors! I try to stick with WAHMs, or family friendly companies. I have 2 kids under 2 (if your products work out for that age category!) If you would like me to host a review or giveaway, please send an email to

Review and Giveaway Information;

Please allow me several weeks to review your products so I can post an honest opinion. Usually this takes no more than 2 weeks. I love to have giveaways to go along with my reviews. If you can also sponsor a giveaway, that would be wonderful. You can choose to either giveaway the same product, a different product, store credit, or a discount code for all my fans.

I starting posting reviews and giveaways whenever I got them. Then switched to one a week. Monday to Monday. Now, demand is getting higher, so I will be posting up to 3 giveaways per week. Most likely M-M, W-W, and F-F.

If you would like to sponsor an AD on my page, please send me an email for info or any questions.

Thanks for stopping by!