Sunday, June 19, 2011

Snapware review

I am so tired of my tupperware. You with me? I don't like plastic containers, my husband NEVER brings them back and when he does, they need to be thrown away. The lids come off or they leak. They are all mis-matched in my cupboard. It's a battle.
I was super excited to find GLASS Snapware!! I was sent a set of 4 for review. Each container comes with its own snapping lid!! My husband says they feel like such good dishes he feels obligated to bring them home from work the same day. Plus, even if he forgot, they are glass so they are non porous! I love them!!!

They don't leak, they work great for air tight storage, and my husband can use them in the microwave at work. (Cautiously as glass gets very hot and easily breakable if changing temperatures too quickly.) Plus, being glass they are really easy to clean with soap and warm water, maybe just a good soak for those stubborn foods.

I really can't see myself using any other storage containers,....ever! I'm really hoping to expend my collection soon as 4 containers really isn't enough considering my husband takes at least 2 to work each day, 5 days a week.

When I checked at though, I couldn't find the same glass set. But they still have lots of other nice snapware. If you don't mind plastic, they have snapping lids for those too.

A few other sets I like that are also bake ware/storage;

 Here is the set I recieved for review. I love the locking lids!

Unfortunatley I cannot find the same set that I was sent for review on their website, nor have I had a response back from my sponsors in 2 months about a giveaway or location of their product I reviewed, but I enjoyed the product so much I still thought I would share.

I did however find the same Snapware Glasslock for sale on Amazon and Bing Shopping!

*Thank you to Snapware for providing these products for free in exchange for this review. This review is my honest opinion. This review was not paid for.*

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