Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sock 'n Boots book review

I received for review this adorable book called Sock 'n Boots Share.

It's a fun little story of a sock and an army boot that are best friends and learn what sharing is. They start off with a question and end the story with a question about sharing to evoke the young reader to carefully consider the story and why sharing is good.

You can watch an animated trailer of sock and boots with this youtube video.

These stories are very well animated, simple enough to read with young readers and provide a good life lesson as well as cause thoughtful consideration. I'm excited for the next 2 in the series to be released for my kids and I to read together!!!!

*Copied from their website*
The Sock ‘n Boots franchise of stories was created to not only teach young children valuable life lessons, but also to stimulate positive thinking while building a bond between parents and children or teachers and students.

The goal of the books is to transform story time into an interactive bonding time.

Each Sock n’ Boots story begins with a question, then through the antics of the characters a lesson is taught that answers the question. Once the story is finished the question is posed again which opens the way for discussion and interaction.

We hope that children and parents alike will grow to love the Sock and Boots characters while building a bond through discussing the lessons that the stories present.
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