Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring cleaning day 5

Man, it is so easy to just say "okay, clothes are sorted, I'm all good". But my motivation to continue is my daughters birthday party coming up. I would like the house to at least be clean for that!! It went back to cold weather and more snow here so it is hard to want to keep up my "spring attitude"!

Today I am washing and sorting all my kids toys. Anything missing pieces, or chewed up (by the puppies not the kids!) Gets thrown in a box to donate or throw away. Any toys not played with in a long time get donated or added to my rummage sale boxes.

Washing them helps is get rid of all the cold and flu germs either my kids, friends, or family have left behind on them. Plus the dirt and grime from baby drool and the great out doors. Toys that you forgot your baby dropped at the store and meant to wash but forgot, yeah, those get washed too. I have some toy wipes left from my Dapple product review so all my baby toys too big to wash, like the swing and the exersaucer, are getting wiped down with those. Sometimes I am amazed at the dirt and dust that collect on those!

Don't forget about the bath toys! Any toys that suck in water like some rubber ducks, unless you clean them out with a little bleach water on a regular basis and you've had them over 6 months, they might nerd to be replaced. Bath toys don't fully dry and mold starts growing inside of them.

I've also got a tote just for baby stuff I am keeping "just in case" of another baby that my kids have out grown playing with.

Now its easier to decide where to put all these toys once I realized how many we really don't need. So we have toys for storage, toys for rummaged sale, toys to pass on to friends in need, and toys to donate. Our house is going to be hundreds of pounds lighter after all of this! Haha.

Besides your average Goodwill and St Vinnie's (and storage, passing toys on, etc.) there are some great sites for toy donation. Like, or

Hope you are enjoying your spring cleaning!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 4 of Spring Cleaning

It's my daughter's 2nd birthday today! So I picked something a bit easier today...kind I don't have to spend as much time cleaning. Today I vacuumed all our carpeting...again moving all the furniture this time getting rid of all those dust bunnies! (And I mean ALL my furniture. Anything on the carpeting.) My husband got me a new vacuum for Christmas and I LOVE it! I'm always vacuuming and in disbelief at how much dust is in the bucket when I empty it!

If you need yourself a good vacuum and can't afford a Kirby (which are GREAT vacuums), try the Eureka Air Speed. It is a bagless vacuum though, for those with allergies, so not the best for emptying. It's amazing. I vacuumed with my old vacuum then went over it with the Eureka and the bucket was F-U-L-L of dust and hair and lint...and...oh I felt aweful letting my baby play on the floor after that! I have cream carpeting too, and they looked clean before I vacuum. I mean, I just can't get over it.

I also need to vacuum to get my daughters room all cleaned up so we can put in her new birthday gift! It's a Thomas the Train table set with drawers, and a chest and TONS of track we found on! You'd be amazed the deals you can find there. Our table is well over $700 new with everything that is included and we got it almost a quarter of that!! Check it out for some great deals in your area. Also a great place to sell your used items.

Have a fantastic day and happy cleaning! (PS...SNOW STORMS here again the past two days *sigh* but I continued my spring cleaning...hubby thinks I'm crazy..but hey!)


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

~FuzziBunz Review and Giveaway!!!!~

When you think cloth diaper, any specific brands come to mind? I know ALLOT of people who say the first brand is FuzziBunz. Whether they use them or not, almost everyone in the cloth diapering community has heard of them.

What are Fuzzibunz? Well here's a little excerpt I copied from their page, here: 
FuzziBunz® are innovative diapers for the new Millenium. Yes, it is a "cloth diaper" but there is nothing to remind you of the pins and plastic pants of the past.
FuzziBunz® are a diaper that offer parents a leak free, rash free and disposal free way of diapering. FuzziBunz® are easy to clean, care for and use unlike traditional cloth diapers.
FuzziBunz® are made from one layer of soft waterproof fabric and one layer of lightweight 100% breathable poly fleece. The two layers form a pocket to place an insert or a pre-folded (old fashioned) diaper into. This ensures that ALL wetness is kept away from your baby`s tender skin. FuzziBunz® fasten with plastic snaps and are very adjustable to fit your baby`s growing needs. FuzziBunz® are professionally made with only the highest quality materials. FuzziBunz® are trim fitting and virtually leak proof. What more could you want in a diaper??

So I guess not much more is needed to explain WHAT a FuzziBunz is, BUT I CAN tell you how it worked for ME!

One new thing about FuzziBunz is that they have switched their manufacturer from China to Turkey giving us a different fabric for our diapers and the sizes run a little bit larger. I had the opportunity to use some old FuzziBunz a while back and I was a bit turned off. The fabric was coarse, the fittings ran small, and it just seemed a little bit awkward (for my kids anyways!).

FuzziBunz sent me one of their new OS diapers in Choco Truffle! (I LOVE natural colors!)

They also sent me their diaper with a new organic hemp jersey contoured insert I don't know if you are familiar with hemp in diapers but, not only is hemp super absorbent, it is naturally anti-bacterial and unbleached. The hemp jersey is the trimmest of the hemp fabrics, recommended for heavier wetters. (It's naturally more absorbent than micro fiber or most other inserts).

The hemp insert has a smooth surface with 6 layers of hemp jersey. These inserts are 55% hemp and 45% cotton jersey.

Unlike their diapers, FuzziBunz Hemp Jersey Inserts are made in the USA by Cloth Diapers, Inc.

My Opinion?
I love the color selection they carry. A wide variety of solid prints. You can see the colors here. They have a one size diaper, which grows with your baby or a perfect size diaper made to fit perfectly. I was sent, and prefer using the one size diaper. It can grow with your child from birth to potty training, which is a big money saver, BUT you CAN lose the trimness of a diaper but not having it in their exact size.

Their one size are a bit different than what you expect. Most cloth diapers have snaps on the front you can fold down to adjust the size for todler or smaller baby. FuzziBunz have an elastic band in each leg with a small button to size up or down to fit your child, and a band at the waist. You have much more options for sizing with these diapers and less bulk when you size down since the diaper isn't folded over.
They even provide a chart for sizing to help you out!

I am a bit more use to the sizing of snaps so this took some time to adjust to. It's still not my favorite OS style, but it works well and fits much trimmer than all my other OS diapers. You are suppose to tuck in the elastic tab to hide it after adjusting. I found this a little hard to do when adjusting it to fit my 6 month old since there was so much elastic left over. They did send extra elastic adjusters, which is very nice since we all know it can wear out after a while!

The hemp insert works GREAT to absorb. I have heavy wetter so it was a great product for me to try out. No leaks at all yet. The only down side to hemp is, because of it's ability to absorb moisture, it takes longer to dry after washing. That should make you feel good about it whisking away moisture on your tiny one's bottom.

Overall I think FuzziBunz are a great diaper. I have not had a single leak problem when using it. It's breathable and lightweight. It's cute and it's a one size diaper. No complaints here! I would highly recommend these diapers to my cloth diapering momma's.

BUY IT: You can buy your own OS Fuzzibunz here for $19.95. You can buy these diapers in packs of 3 or more for savings. They also sell their perfect size, which are about $17.95 a diaper, here. Also sold in packs for mroe saving. FuzziBunz also sells lots of other great products. You can check them out by going to their website,

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FuzziBunz Website
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Spring Cleaning Day 3

I am spending today on what would appear to be an easier task. Sweeping and mopping ALL my hard floors today. I say appears easy, because it's something I do regularly. Only difference is today I am actually MOVING furniture and scrubbing under them as well getting rid of all those allergens, like dust bunnies.

I have moved a couch and recliners, desks, EVEN THE FRIDGE AND STOVE! Cleaning under the fridge can prevent mold growth since your fridge releases moisture in your home.

My house FEELS better with every nook and cranny scrubbed!

Happy cleaning!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Cleaning Day 2

Today is a busy day sorting through CLOTHES! My kids are growing like crazy so I have to decide what is good enough to keep if I have another baby, what to set aside for a rummage sale, what to donate, and what to pass on to family and friends with children that would fit into their old clothes. (Our family is big on the clothing rotations for children. Throw out the old, add in your new, pass it on. You'd be surprised how much money this saves!)

Totes are out for clothes I want to keep. I have a box filled with rummage sale clothes. Boxes and bags labeled for friends and family to use. Older style clothes to donate to our local Vinnie's. And clothes that are too stained or too holey even for play clothes are thrown away. It takes a while, our kids have so many clothes! A majority of them hand me downs from their cousins. Allot could not survive another child!

As for our clothes, that's a little harder. My husband keeps his shirts with holes and stained for side work and getting dirty. He's an Auto Tech so his clothes are quite often stained with grease anyways. But my rule of thumb with his shirts, if there is more skin showing than fabric, it's time to throw it away (same with his jeans). Or if there are more stains than original shirt color, it's time to go. If any important body parts start showing, including his nipples, it's a goner for sure.

Any clothes he hasn't worn in over a year or two get added to the rummage sale pile. As with any clothes too small. (He started working out so some of his shirts don't fit anymore). :-)

If you don't have enough clothes to start throwing clothes away, just make a mental check lest of everything that WILL be going as soon as you get new clothes! Rummage sales start soon and second hand stores are full of good replacement clothes for a good price, if you shop around enough.

For my clothes, womens clothing is allot harder. Sometimes you keep those pair of jeans you USE to fit into just in case.'s the deal. If you have some jeans or skirts or even dresses in your closet that are more than 2 sizes too small. Feel free to put them in a tote if you REALLY want to keep them JUST IN CASE. If you need a pair out for motivation, hand it right in the front of your closet so it's the first thing you see. But going down 2 sizes in a year is a challenge for any woman.  So no need to clutter your closet. Anything you absolutely won't wear, donate or add to your rummage pile. Old, dirty, stained, pitch it, unless you need some good gardening/play clothes. And for your maternity clothes, if you are NOT pregnant or had a baby within the past 2 months,'s time to store them, donate them, give them away, sell them...but it's time to let them go. Same with nursing clothes. If you are not pregnant or nursing anymore, it's time to move on!

If you use to be a size 5 and had's okay to be a size 8 or 10 now. It's realistic. You have the mommy hips. So don't beat yourself up if you can't fit into your old clothes. Life happens. No one is perfect. Just love yourself the way you are, so long as you aren't unhealthy. If that's the case, then just get some motivation and try, try again!
Now for the unmentionables. You know...undies..bras...that sort of stuff. If they are stained, have more than the normal amount of holes, are threading, loosing buttons, you can't tell if it said JOE BOXER or not at some point, lost it's decals (like flowers or ribbons), or lost elasticity, it's time to throw them away. It is recommended to replace your underwear every 6 months. If you can't do it THAT often, just make sure you aren't keeping anything fitting the descriptions above. For both men and womens underwear. 

Bras usually last a little longer, they say every few years to replace. Just make sure you are wearing the right size! Get rid of those poking ones, wires coming out, clasps not holding, wrong sized, malformed bras. No point holding on to something uncomfortable or non fitting. If you are still wearing nursing bras and have not nursed in a while, its time to put them away. 

I guess you can say socks fit the same previous under garment descriptions!

I DO NOT however recommend replacing these items from rummage sales or second hand stores. :-)

You should by now have QUITE the load for donations, rummage sales, storage, and to pass on. If you can't get rid of them yet, you should at least have a list compiled of all the new clothes you NEED to get and an idea which ones are going when you do get the new ones!

Here is an article from on what to do with your old clothes.

Happy cleaning! :-)

P.S. This is also a GREAT time to throw out any damaged hangers and go through your dresser drawers, cleaning them out. You'd be amazed what little things you can find in dressers you forgot you set in there for safe keeping, or a toddler tossed in there once when you grabbed some clothes! And putting away winter clothes would be a great way to un-clutter now if you don't have any more winter weather forecasted...unlike us...

Monday, April 18, 2011

~TextHook Review and Giveaway~

The Text Hook is a patent pending design that allows your smart phone to attach to anything with a bar basically. You can use it while shopping, exercising, pushing a stroller, riding a bike....anything really it can strap on to.

The Text Hook has a velcro strap that makes it super easy to attach. It's also super light so it doesn't set your bike handle bars off balance! It also rotates 180* so you can view your phone at any angle. For more features check out their site here.

Text Hook fits a wide range of smart phones listed here.

Our thoughts:
The Text Hook is a great product for moms! At times it isn't worth the effort to take out of the diaper bag and set it all up on a shopping cart if its just a quick outing. But it is great for going on walks and having your phone at a convenient level, able to view and text without having to stop and dig it out.

If you keep your grocery list on your phone, it also works great to keep that list in full view while grabbing groceries and watching children.

It's also perfect for using during workouts if you keep your music on your phone. Some bikes or machines don't have any where to set your phone, and you don't want to keep it in your pocket, and you don't always have an arm band to wear. Plus, you can still text while working out!

The only thing I found a bit inconvenient, besides those times where it isn't necessary to set up, like short trips, was the fact that my phone blacks out after so many seconds of non use and the only way to turn it back on was to push a button on the top of my phone (it's an HTC EVO). But I found if I pressed just right on the plastic covering the top, it worked well enough.

What an HTC Evo looks like.

One other thing, it also couldn't fit my phone, in it's case (an otter box). So I would be a little nervous of dropping it. Hopefully just keep a good screen protector on it though and you should be fine!

*Just remember that using this device in motion CAN result in injury!

BUY IT: You can buy your own Text Hook for $25.99 here in either black or white. There is also a list of other stores selling this product listed here.

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RE-starting my spring cleaning!! Day 1.

I tried a few weeks ago to start my spring cleaning only to be deterred by 17 inches (!!??!!??!!) of snow! So instead of sweeping and mopping, I was shoveling or brushing off vehicles. All of which were, obviously, stuck in our driveway. *sigh*

Hopefully THIS time it will not happen! I mean, it's the middle of April!! Right?? Well, no stopping this time. My daughter's 2nd birthday party is at the end of the month and I'm hopping to have a clean house by then!

I just barged right in head on last time tackling a massive amount of things at a time. This time, I'm going to take things a little slower and hopefully you can follow me as I spring clean. I will try to give you some tips and tricks and help you decide what stays and what goes!

My spring cleaning has to be started off with a general house pick up. Putting toys where they belong, books get put away,...etc..all those little things laying around that will get in the way over the next couple of weeks as I get down and dirty cleaning house. (Make sure to check in your couch cushions and under furniture for some hidden treasures! I am ALWAYS finding toys in our cushions.) I HAVE to start with this because we have had a few hectic weeks and my house looks like the tornadoes that went by our town last week actually came through my house! Well, a few little ones DD and DS....even my DH contributed. (LOVE YOU BABE!)

So, be prepared to scrub, scrub, scrub and throwing things away!! (you might need some more garbage bags). Some storage totes are a good idea too!! Maybe even some boxes for donation.

Have a fantastic day and happy cleaning!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Life Without Limits Book Review

Life Without Limits by Nick Vujicic is a wonderful, compelling the reader to take hold of their circumstance, no matter what the difficulty, and realize God has a purpose for their lives. God can use you no matter what situation your life is in. It drives you to realize all is not lost.

Reading through Nick's life story and reading his encouraging words, knowing how much he has struggled in his life gives courage to those without hope. He is a funny, driven, courageous man who lives an amazing life, even without arms and legs.

You can purchase this book from  WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group  for $19.99.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

~No Throw Review and Giveaway~**CLOSED**

This is my children's thought process: "Mommy gave me this sippy cup. I must throw it down. Ok look! Mommy is picking it back up. She gave it back to me! I MUST throw it again! She picked it back up again. This is so fun! I wonder how long I can keep this up?" Five minutes later....mommy is a bit tired of this game. Be it toys or sippy cup. What is the worst, is during walk times. Walking on the side of the road, not able to see what their little hands are doing, only to go over a bump, look down and realize I ran over a toy or sippy cup.

Pacifiers have the nice little clips to hook to their shirt or car seat to prevent dropping it on the floor (awesome invention). Did you know they have on for sippy cups too?? It's called the No Throw.

No Throws are made with cute fabric choices, shown here. Their product is designed for 3+ months with a velcro strap, designed to hold tight a bottle or sippy cup. The No Throw's leash styled handle can be slipped over the seat belt on your child's car seat, stroller, high chair, bike seat, baby-backpack,....etc....

I chose to review 2 cute patterns I knew my kids would love.

My kids love the fabrics! My son likes to chew on his. I guess that's to be expected form a 6 month old! Hehe.

I LOVE the fact that I no longer have a battle with chasing and picking up sippy cups that are rolling away while out shopping or on a walk. Plus they don't touch the germy floor in public places. I can attach it to the high chair in restaurants so my daughter can's throw it under the table. I use them for toy holders for my son since he doesn't use a bottle and is too little for sippy cups. It works great for most toys too. It's a little big to hold them but if they are a ring toy it does the trick!

About the creators: *Copied from their website*

We are Karla and Karen, twin sisters, from Chicago. When our
sons were still babies, we lived within a mile of each other and
were able to enjoy taking walks to the park with our children or
being able to drop in on each other for a cup of coffee. Early in
2001 Karla and her family moved to Detroit. As a result of Karla's
move, we found ourselves traveling back and forth between the two
states much more than we ever imagined. During those trips
Karla's son Danny kept throwing his bottle around the plane
and Karen's son Alex kept throwing his sippy cup all over the car.
After one particularly embarrassing flight Karla called Karen
and said "there has got to be something out there to stop this
embarrassment". That was 8 year ago!

The Nothrow
is our answer.

BUY IT: You can buy your own No Throwhere for only $5

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Monday, April 11, 2011

~Teething Bling Review and Giveaway~ **CLOSED**

It's so hard to find jewelry to wear with a teething, nursing infant. They always pull at your necklaces and chew on them or snap them off! How awesome would it be to have a necklace you can wear to add a little color to your outfit, that is baby safe?? Well, I found out there is such a thing! From Smart Mom Jewelry, called Teething Bling.

I chose to review the Jade colored pendant since I'm more of a natural colors (brown and green) kind of girl. They have a large variety of solid colors to chose from as well as ones with patterns.

These necklaces are a 2x2 donut shaped pendant designed for mom to wear (NOT baby). They are made from a food-safe, phthalate-free, federally-approved silicone.

My Opinion?
I think it is an adorable concept. I get to basically carry around a teething toy on my neck! It's perfect. If I ever forget to bring a toy somewhere or my baby boy is bored, I just show him the necklace on my neck and he's amused and loves to chew on it.

It's also super easy to wash since it is silicone. So if you drop it, wash and dry and it's ready to be chewed on once again.

It's not exactly my type of jewelry. I prefer smaller pieces, but of course those are not baby safe. So it's not super "fashionable" to me. But I know allot of moms out there love this kind of bling! I really don't mind wearing it for the benefit of a toy. Couldn't get my husband to wear it though, hehe.

Remeber, this is for MOM to wear not baby. Even when he is holding it (in the first picture) and it is not on my neck, he is under CONSTANT super vision so as not to choke with the string.

BUY IT: You can buy your own Teething Bling at 

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

*Free Baby Bond Nursing Cover

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