Monday, March 14, 2011

Noah's Ark The Animals Tell the Tale book review

If you haven't noticed by the previous book reviews, I love Bible stories for my kids (faith challenging books for myself). The joy I have reading Bible stories to my kids led me to choose Noah's Ark The Animals Tell the Tale by Julie Coy published by Dorrance Publishing. It was listed under juvenile religious. I wasn't sure which age it was aimed at.

When I received the book and read it, I can still say, I am not sure which audience it was aimed at. It has the general idea for younger kids (animals being the main character.) It talks to the reader at times as though a child no older than 4, has a story line for an 8-10 year old, but quotations for adults. It's a bit all over the place for age range. I'm not exactly sure when I would have my kids read this book.

It is an okay story line, following that of Obie the ostrich during the time of the flood, how God has a purpose for him during this time, and a the obstacles he must overcome to help save the animal kingdom. But Obie struggles with believing he is the right bird for the job.

It jumps around a bit though going from the animals to the humans. Plus the beginning starts out quoting the Bible almost verbatim. Which, I would rather just read the actual Bible story to them. It also starts chapter 1 with the Garden of Eden. Now, I understand the connection, we started this story somewhere. But this story is suppose to be the story of Noah's Ark. I believe the Garden of Eden should have been part of another story. NOT to mention the fact that they leave the story at "And the rain continued for forty days and forty nights." It gave the general idea that the animals would be safe and the story would pass on from generation to generation, but I believe they should have included the boat landing safely and the animals getting off the ark.

Noah's Ark: The Animals Tell the Tale
by Julie Coy The Lord God spoke to Noah and told him how disappointed he was with the world. Noah found favor in the eyes of God, so God told him to build an ark. This ark would save Noah, his family, and animals from the coming flood.
God also visits Obie the Ostrich and tells him the important role he will play. It is up to one young bird to save the animal kingdom! But the trip is long and hard. Obie is frightened and scared. In fact, he believes that God may have picked the wrong bird for the job. God shows him that from the one whom the least is expected, great things can occur. He was created for a reason! Will he be able to hold on to his faith and get back to the ark in time?
About the Author Julie Coy grew up reading and hearing Bible stories and one of her favorites was Noah's Ark. When not writing she enjoys coordinating conferences and workshops, reading, travelling and Bible study.
(2009, paperback, 58 pages)

I received this book for free from Dorrance Publishing in exchange for this review. (

You can buy your own copy here: for only $9.

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