Tuesday, March 1, 2011

~Baby Bond Nursing Cover Review and Giveaway~ **CLOSED**

My husband describes it as "it covers your boob so no one can see". (Be very glad HE is not writing my reviews! Haha)

When I nursed my daughter, I bought nursing shirts and wore layers, avoiding covers. She despised blankets over her head. I got so warm wearing all those layers throughout summer. But then you get those glares or the "I can't believe you're doing that" look with the "cover up" implications.

When my son was born I thought I would try regular nursing covers but he gets his face all tangled in them trying to eat the fabric or gets mad from having something over his head. So when I found Baby Bond I was excited to try it out! Baby Bond makes some unique nursing covers, with three different styles to cover MOM, not BABY! They let my chose between their varity of styles and covers. I chose the couture in classic (navy). This one was appealing to me since I usually end up nursing from the bottom of my shirt instead of the top. \

Discrpition of the couture nursing cover; *copied from their website*
BabyBond Couture™ is adjustable creating a custom fit as your body changes after baby arrives. A hybrid between nursing top and belly band, it can be worn to nurse from the top or the bottom of your shirt so it works with your entire wardrobe. When worn like a sash, it functions like a nursing top. When worn like a belt, it functions like a belly band. Rolls up into self-storing pouch.
100% Cotton. Machine washable.
Made in USA.

About Baby Bond: * copied from their website*
......After having four babies, my closet was full of nursing tops that were not flattering and quite pricey. In December, 2006 during a 2 am feeding, I envisioned a nursing accessory that would cover mom but not her baby. The next morning, I cut and sewed one of my husband’s t-shirts into the prototype for the Slurp & Burp®. Since then, I have designed three product lines to meet the needs of a variety of nursing moms and babies. We have since rebranded to BabyBond™, a name that highlights the primary benefit of our products....

More about the creator here: http://babybondnursing.com/about/

My experience;
   The first time I used the Couture nursing cover, it was a bit confusing. As soon as I realized only one side split open for feeding, things went much smoother. It's a very creative, new designs in the "nursing covers" genre. Baby can keep eye contact with mommy, not get warm under a blanket, or get tangeled in a nursing cover. The couture covers your stomach if you are nursing under a t-shirt with only a nursing bra. Something I tend to do while walking around shopping. I am so glad to not have any skin showing anymore!!! My baby was so tolerent of this cover, unlike any other I used because he can't even tell the difference with my shirt!

Baby Bond has offered to let one of my fans win their own nursing cover! If you could give them a thanks, it would be fantastic! :-)
BUY IT: You can buy your own Baby Bond nursing cover for only $35! With a variety of style and color.

WIN IT: You can enter to win a Baby Bond of your choice by using the form below!!! Ends 3/8/11

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