Monday, March 14, 2011

Dapple Product Review

I don't know how many of you like to clean your kids toys, but I like to give ALL my kids toys a good cleaning every so often. Especially during the winter time, particularly when other kids come over to play.

One hitch though, I hate to use lots of harsh chemicals on the toys! I prefer organic baby products. Last thing I want is my kid to be sucking on a toy that's covered in chemicals! Along came Dapple. they make natural cleaners!!

Dapple sent me some of their natural baby products to try out.

 I received a dish towel, a travel size bottle of dish soap, and travel size pack of toy cleaner.

First thing I tried out was the toy wipes. They look like a regular wipe (in size and white in color). You just wipe over any surface to clean. My kids have allot of big toys that are too big to wash in the sink, so I tried these wipes out on those toys. i.e. bouncers, plastic ride-in cars, swing, etc.

The wipes at first leave a bit of soapy streaks, but after going over a few times it all balances out. They pick up all the dirt of the toys, leaving them looking clean. It's so nice to have clean toys, without using harsh chemicals!

 Next I tried their travel size dish liquid. It worked great. Soaking some messier pots and pans for a few minutes before washing helped remove all the residue. I did notice it smelled like lavender and tea tree oil. Which isn't one of my most favorite scents. But overall it works great.

If you need baby safe cleaning products check out their site for a list of products. You can buy your own Dapple products at

I received these items for free in exchange for this review. Not a paid review.

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