Friday, March 4, 2011

~GoGreen Pocket Diaper Review and Giveaway~ **CLOSED**

I just have one thing to say about GoGreen Pocket Diapers. BEST. DIAPER. EVER.

Convinced yet? No? Well let me explain....

GoGreen has the cutest selection of pocket diaper fabric. Here's a few to show you:

Plus tons more. They have silky fabrics, silky print, pastel colors, and fuzzy fabrics. They are all SO cute! If that's still not enough to convince's a little more...

These diapers are a One Size diaper! You can use them from birth to potty training! In case you can't do the math...(or just don't want to), using disposable diapers can cost you $240 for the first 6 months of a babies life, if you buy the average $20 box, going through them on average of 10 days. That's allot of money. GoGreen Pocket Diapers are some of the CHEAPEST cloth diapers I have found! (PRICE WISE, NOT QUALITY WISE!) Allot of cloth diapers can cost almost $20 a diaper! GoGreen diapers,..get this...average at only $8-$10 a diaper! So buying 12 diapers only costs about $120! (12 being the average largest pack to buy most cloth diapers in, making your laundry day with one child, nightly or every other night depending on their age).

The snaps on the diaper make it easily adjustable (and not confusing to anyone who has never cloth-diapered). Which go a little something like the picture above. (NOT FROM GOGREEN. JUST A SAMPLE PHOTO TO SHOW YOU SIZING ADJUSTMENT WITH SNAPS.)

If you still need more to get you to go try these diapers, here's a little something about the creator:
*Copied from their website* 
Our Story: Shortly after I had my third child I found myself buying diapers for 3. Not only did the costs really add up, but we were getting charged extra by the city of Boulder, CO for the ludicrous amount of trash we produced. I had never considered CLOTH diapers before, but, timidly, I purchased brand-name pocket diapers at nearly $20 a pop. To my surprise, they worked spectacularly, and were nothing like the leaky, prefold things with which I was familiar. No leaks, better absorbency, they were perfect! Except for the price. There's got to be a cheaper way to get pocket diapers, I thought- and then I found them, high-quality diapers for half the price! In fabulous colors no less! I gave the pocket diapers to all my friends and they LOVED them. People kept asking me how to buy them, and that's how this website came about. I wanted to make it really easy for everyone to get these wonderful diapers. They're better for babies, better for bank accounts, and better for the environment. And, dare I say it, they make diaper changing fun! Please visit our products page to see our ginormous selection of pocket diapers.

My experience with this diapers has been wonderful! They are very trim fitting to my children. I have yet to have a leak with these diapers! The diapers also come with an insert (which you place into the pocket for absorption).
Here is the inside of their diapers, as shown on their website. These diapers are SUPER soft as are the inserts. They really wick away moisture from your babies bottoms! They are also really easy to clean with a diaper sprayer and some good cloth safe laundry soap. I have tried every diaper from Applecheeks to Zookies (some really great diapers in there) but GoGreen has become my NEW favorite diaper!!! So much so that I went ahead and purchased more....

I got...

..and this.... 
Plus I got the fuzzy giraffe print but I can't copy that picture for some reason.
 I also got their pail liner. Which their factory made by mistake out of vinyl so they are selling for $3.90! it has a zippered bottom so no reaching in and pulling out dirty diapers! Just lift, and unzip over your washer.

I also got their dry/wet bag!!! You know how much wet bags average!?! Well, they usually fit about 8 diapers, plus inserts and sell for $15 to $20 from other companies. But from GoGreen they are only $7.99!!! It works great and is super durable! I wasn't sure what to expect for only $8. But it is amazing.

 Here's some pictures of my kids in my gender neutral diaper I received from GoGreen for free in exchange for my review!

 My daughter LOVED to model her diaper! I would say, let me take a picture of the side, so she turned. Now your butt. And she stuck her butt out. She was too funny modeling this diaper!!!! :-)

I will say the diaper fit a little nicer fully opened on my daughter than on my son in the small postition. But it still worked great on both kids!

BUY IT: You can buy your own GoGreen Diaper here; Great prices and great selection. The only down fall is, they are waiting on shipments, so allot of their diapers are currently sold out! I was so sad to see some of the prints I LOVED not available for a little while. But maybe some other time I can get some more of their diapers!

WIN IT: That's right! GoGreen has offered one of my fans a one sized pocket diaper!!!!!!!!! Winner choses boy/girl/gender neutral, and GoGreen picks the fabric since their selection is low while waiting for shipment! Just use the form below to enter! Giveaway will end 3/11/11.

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GoGreen website
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*I was not paid for this review. It is my honest opinion. Sponsors are liable for all prizes sent and received. Open to US and Canada residents*


  1. I've been very timid about using cloth diapers, but I think it's time I buck up and try them for real. After looking at GoGreen Pocket diaper Website, I'm really encouraged to try them! Especially since it's only one size, and the price is affordable. Now I'm really excited for this giveaway!!

  2. I blogged about this giveaway after I already entered.
    Does it still count?

  3. not sure if i entered 2x by accident :P will send the blog link tonight :)

  4. I love the look of these diapers! I hope I win!