Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring cleaning day 5

Man, it is so easy to just say "okay, clothes are sorted, I'm all good". But my motivation to continue is my daughters birthday party coming up. I would like the house to at least be clean for that!! It went back to cold weather and more snow here so it is hard to want to keep up my "spring attitude"!

Today I am washing and sorting all my kids toys. Anything missing pieces, or chewed up (by the puppies not the kids!) Gets thrown in a box to donate or throw away. Any toys not played with in a long time get donated or added to my rummage sale boxes.

Washing them helps is get rid of all the cold and flu germs either my kids, friends, or family have left behind on them. Plus the dirt and grime from baby drool and the great out doors. Toys that you forgot your baby dropped at the store and meant to wash but forgot, yeah, those get washed too. I have some toy wipes left from my Dapple product review so all my baby toys too big to wash, like the swing and the exersaucer, are getting wiped down with those. Sometimes I am amazed at the dirt and dust that collect on those!

Don't forget about the bath toys! Any toys that suck in water like some rubber ducks, unless you clean them out with a little bleach water on a regular basis and you've had them over 6 months, they might nerd to be replaced. Bath toys don't fully dry and mold starts growing inside of them.

I've also got a tote just for baby stuff I am keeping "just in case" of another baby that my kids have out grown playing with.

Now its easier to decide where to put all these toys once I realized how many we really don't need. So we have toys for storage, toys for rummaged sale, toys to pass on to friends in need, and toys to donate. Our house is going to be hundreds of pounds lighter after all of this! Haha.

Besides your average Goodwill and St Vinnie's (and storage, passing toys on, etc.) there are some great sites for toy donation. Like, or

Hope you are enjoying your spring cleaning!

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