Monday, April 18, 2011

RE-starting my spring cleaning!! Day 1.

I tried a few weeks ago to start my spring cleaning only to be deterred by 17 inches (!!??!!??!!) of snow! So instead of sweeping and mopping, I was shoveling or brushing off vehicles. All of which were, obviously, stuck in our driveway. *sigh*

Hopefully THIS time it will not happen! I mean, it's the middle of April!! Right?? Well, no stopping this time. My daughter's 2nd birthday party is at the end of the month and I'm hopping to have a clean house by then!

I just barged right in head on last time tackling a massive amount of things at a time. This time, I'm going to take things a little slower and hopefully you can follow me as I spring clean. I will try to give you some tips and tricks and help you decide what stays and what goes!

My spring cleaning has to be started off with a general house pick up. Putting toys where they belong, books get put away,...etc..all those little things laying around that will get in the way over the next couple of weeks as I get down and dirty cleaning house. (Make sure to check in your couch cushions and under furniture for some hidden treasures! I am ALWAYS finding toys in our cushions.) I HAVE to start with this because we have had a few hectic weeks and my house looks like the tornadoes that went by our town last week actually came through my house! Well, a few little ones DD and DS....even my DH contributed. (LOVE YOU BABE!)

So, be prepared to scrub, scrub, scrub and throwing things away!! (you might need some more garbage bags). Some storage totes are a good idea too!! Maybe even some boxes for donation.

Have a fantastic day and happy cleaning!

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