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Dorrance Publishing Book Review *The Baby Giraffe*

I love to read and so does my 21 month old little girl. She loves to snuggle up on my lap and flip the pages as I read some of her favorite stories to her. I figured, with both our loves of reading combined I should sign up with the Dorrance Publishing Book Reviewers.

With my daughter in mind, I thought I would pick a book she might enjoy. She loves animals, and books about them, so I chose The Baby Giraffe published by Dorrance Publishing.They sent me a complimentary book, since I was part of the review team.

The Baby Giraffe
by Mikelle A. Bryant-Mataya Nothing is more special in life than family. Your mother and father, sisters and brothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins are all an important part of your life. Family is special not just for you and me but for all of God’s creatures, including giraffes! They also have each other to turn to and lean on for support and love, through good times and bad, just like our own families.
The Baby Giraffe tells the story of a youngster who doesn’t have a sibling and often feels very alone. Through prayer to God, Baby Giraffe’s parents decide to bring a new child into the home. Lovely stories of the wonderful relationship between Baby and Littlest Giraffe follow. Can you see yourself in the stories? Which character would you be?
Mikelle A. Bryant-Mataya created The Baby Giraffe in honor of her granddaughters, Natalia and Raquel; the book’s illustrations have been provided by Natalia and Raquel, making the entire project a family affair. Come share in these delightful tales, filled with the strength and love of God and family.
About the Author Mikelle A. Bryant-Mataya was inspired to create The Baby Giraffe stories by her granddaughters, Natalia and Raquel, and the honor and delight of watching them grow and change, day by day. A resident of Aurora, Colorado, and nursing assistant at a local nursing home and care center, Ms. Bryant-Mataya and her husband, Anthony Mataya, share a daughter, Christina, and a grandson, Shawn, as well as her two little giraffes, Natalia and Raquel. The Baby Giraffe is Ms. Bryant-Mataya’s first published work.
(2009, paperback, 90 pages)

My opinion of the book;
  I can honestly say, I skimmed the book details (which I posted above). I wasn't 100% what to expect of this book, but I figured it looked like a cute book.
  I received it in the mail and immediately opened it and read it with my daughter, excited to have a new book to read. (since every other book has been read hundreds of times!). It was, different.
The general idea of the book was a cute idea. A grandmother writing it, using the giraffes as "symbols" for her 2 granddaughters. I liked that it used God's love and miracles in it, since our faith is very important to us.
  The pictures were in black and white. She mentioned in the book you could color it in with your little one. Which is kind of a cute idea. Except, my daughter isn't big enough to know the difference between story books and coloring books. I don't want to teach her to color in her story books. Plus the pictures looked like they had been scanned and were blotchy and missing spaces. One part of the book, she let her granddaughters write the story and draw. Again, a cute idea, but as my husband stated, it was more of a hand-me-down, or a gift for a family member than a book you would buy to read.
   I don't want to discourage the author. I hope she continues to write books with her granddaughters in mind. If I had picked this book up on the shelf and Barnes and Nobles however, I would not have bought it. Only the cover picture really intrigued my daughter.
  Thanks for taking the time to read my review!!!!!!!

<3 Teresa

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