Monday, January 24, 2011

~All About Baby Boutique Review and Giveaway~ **CLOSED**

All About Baby Boutique was kind enough to send me some disposable cloth diaper linings to try out! It's not a common knowledge item for the CDing community. So help me share the word by sharing this review!

About AllAbout Baby Boutique.  Copied from their website:

Hello!  My name is Priscilla.  I started investigating cloth diapers when my daughter was around 1 year after she became allergic to disposible diapers.  I began researching cloth diapers and was shocked to learn how simple and easy they are to use (not like the ones from when I was a baby).  Heck, I didn't even need pins to keep them closed!  With my husband's support, we began cloth diapering our daughter, Ansley.  

Since starting, I have learned a whole new way of being with my daughter - I began babywearing - which both she and I have found worth every penny!  I began searching out more natural baby products and have found it extremely rewarding.  I also began telling other moms that I know about what I was doing.  Without realizing it, I have become extremely passionate about taking a more natural approach to the products I use on my daughter.  Because of my passion, when the opportunity came up to purchase an existing cloth diaper business (Punkerdoops Diapers), I jumped at the chance!  Now, due with baby number two in 4 weeks!, I feel as if I have the best of all worlds and my goal for finding the best baby products and bring them to you remains my central focus.  If you have any questions or need any help, please contact me at  I am here to help! :)

About disposable cloth diaper rolls  Copied from website;

100 Sheets Per Package! These disposable diaper liners have a special dry-weave. They allow moisture to pass though the liner and into the diaper without permitting the wetness to seep back against your baby's skin. Your baby will feel drier and more comfortable. The disposable diaper liner holds the solid waste to prevent soiling the diaper. Disposable diaper liners do not increase the absorbency of the diaper and are not to be confused with a diaper doubler. Tiny Tush disposable diaper liners are 100% biodegradable and are completely safe to flush without harming the environment, toilets or septic system (according to manufacturer). 

There are 100 - 9"x 14" large sheets per package. You may want to cut these liners in half for newborn babies. 

*Caution liners may cause blockage in old or damaged drains. * Special dry-weave for comfort * Holds solids to prevent soiling the diaper * Biodegradable and safe to flush * 100 - 9" x 14" large sheets per package

My Experience;

I have tried similar disposable linings before with my C.D.s. They were in this HUGE roll and I had to cut and fold each one, they were not flushable, the fabric tore super easy...Basically it wasn't any fun. And more time consuming than it was worth. Also, considering they did not protect the diaper from soiling and  bunched up when they got wet, I did not think I would ever want to use them again. I'd just stick with scrubbing down my diapers by hand, soaking, and washing 2x per load.

THEN All About Baby Boutique sent me a roll to try out.

It's already better than the previous linings I had tried. It came in a small, roll I could hold (instead of the industrial roll I had to cut up previously). AND each sheet came already perforated, so no cutting involved. (Which, if you got little's, you know you don't always have time to cut them up before-hand, nor can you cut them up in the MIDDLE of a change!)

I used my hand for sizing so you get a general idea how big each sheet is.

You can see it here on my large AIO diaper. I had to fold the sides just a bit to fit inside the diaper. With my newborn, I had to fold it in half.

Now I just had to wait for the soiling. It didn't leave any rashes on my babies bums. It didn't bunch up when wet. Tick tock tick tock...Seemed my kiddos only soiled when we went out of the house in 'sposies. FINALLY a week later, my daughter soiled it, again, and again, and again. (She actually ended up with diarrhea *poor baby*). BUT it worked great! My daughter is 21 months, so pretty active. The sides got a little bit of soiling on them due to all her activity, but for my newborn, it all stayed put on the little cloth! It didn't leak through onto the diaper, nor did the fabric tear.

The BIG plus was, my husband hadn't finished hooking up the sprayer to our toilet for me to spray down our soiled diaper, so I could just plop it right into the toilet and flush it all away! No garbage mess, no scraping the diaper clean. It was amazing! I really love using these on my cloth diapers! They save allot of wear on the fabric.

All About Baby Boutique  is willing to giveaway one pack to one of my fans to try out for yourselves!!

Helpful links:
All About Baby Boutique Website
All About Baby Boutique on Facebook  
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TNS Family Value[s] on Twitter

Fill out this form to enter to win your own pack of disposable linings! Open until Monday, 1/31/11

*All items provided were courtesy of AABB for me to review for free. I post an honest opinion. This review was in no way paid for by AABB. All About Baby Boutique is responsible for the distribution of giveaway prize.*


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