Tuesday, February 15, 2011

~Michelle's Handmade Boutique Review and Giveaway~ **CLOSED**

I found Michelle's Handmade Boutique on facebook and thought her stuff was SO cute! I asked if I could review some products and she sent me some adorable cloth wipes to review!!

Michelle's Handmade Boutique has everything from cloth wipes, to pillowcase dresses, to wash cloths, to clippies, to bibs, and she says if you are looking for something she doesn't have posted just email her about it!

They measure, even after a wash by the way, at 6"x6" wipes. My kids are constant wetters, so I was able to try the wipes as soon as I got them! I love that they have a terry side. It really helps to pick up any poo on their skin and really help remove the moisture from their bottoms.

I also had to use them quite a few time and send them through the wash just to make sure they lasted! The bottom 2 pictures above are after the wipes have been washed and dried a few times. I just love these wipes!! If you have never used cloth wipes, having such cute ones, that really help clean up a mess would convince you!

She also sent me some wipes solution to use with the wipes that smelt wonderful, didn't cause any reactions, and really helped clean up their bottoms. I've been looking for a good wipes solution, too. So I'm glad I had something to use for comparison!

You should really check out her stuff!!! I was going through her products to post a few pictures of some cute stuff and there is just so much it was hard to pick which to post!!!

....for a few items she makes....

Michelle's Handmade Boutique is willing to offer one of my wonderful fans a cloth wipes set of their own!!!
 How wonderful is that??????

Use the form below to enter! Giveaway open until 2/22/11

Helpful links:
Michelle's Handmade Boutique website
Michelle's Handmade Boutique on facebook
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**Sponsors are liable for any prizes sent and received. This was not a paid review. I post my honest opinions.**

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