Friday, February 4, 2011

~Alphabet Kids Book Review and Giveaway!~ **CLOSED**

Alphabet Kids let me review their set of books! If you've been following my blog, you know my daughter and I LOVE to read. I was pretty excited to get these books.

About the creator: *Copied from their website*

Allegra Joyce Kassin is the creator of the Alphabet Kids concept. She is a devoted mother of five and grandmother of seven. With a strong belief in family values and deeply committed to multicultural understanding, she brings unique vision, clarity, continuity and extraordinary leadership to the Alphabet Kids team. She is involved in every aspect of development of the Alphabet Kids characters and their stories. She has brought them to life to share with the children of the world! Allegra Joyce has been engaged in wide ranging philanthropic activities from childhood well-being and health to community development and educational enrichment for over thirty years.

Each one of their books focuses on a different culture and life lesson. These books were co-written, not only by an Emmy Award winning author, Patrice Samara, but 6 different cultural exports.

The books cover each vowel, including the "sometimes Y",  and with time will cover to expand the alphabet.

Yang is Chinese American
 Yang's story is about a certain "dance he is doing in the playground while all the children watch. In the end you find out how this is part of his heritage.
Allegra is Italian American
 Allegra's story they are learning to draw and she sees how the children use TOO much paper! It covers her lesson on saving trees.
Elena is Hispanic American
 Elena's story, if you can't guess by the cover, takes place on her birthday when she thinks everyone forgot about her!
Isaac is Jewish American
 Isaac's finally got his first pets from Grandma and learns about how much responsibility pets really can be!
Oni is African American
 Oni is new to the Alphabet Afterschool Center, and feels hurt when one of the other kids describes her hair as "crunchy", then learning about her own heritage as an African American.
Umar is Arab American
Umar's book, all the kids get to bring a bread from their culture. Umar's dad is a chef and brings his "magic oven" and shows the kid how it bakes outside!

My daughter and I reading the books!! We LOVED the serious! They had some good life lessons, they will help teach my daughter as she gets older about differences in cultures, as well as with her vowels and pronunciation! I think this is such a GREAT book series! Her favorite book was Allegra's Apple Tree. She has me read it to her over and over!

One more neat thing about Alphabet Kids, for every book you buy, they will donate one to a child in need!!!

BUY IT; You can buy the Alphabet Kids book serious here; Buy books individually, or as a set!

WIN IT; Alphabet kids has been so kind to let one of my lovely followers win an Alphabet Kids tote bag, bookmark, and my daughter's favorite book, Allegra's Apple Tree!

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Use the from below to enter! Open until 2/11/11.

*Sponsor responsible for sending and receiving all prizes. I was not paid for this review. It is my honest opinion.*


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