Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Peek-A-Boob Review

SOOO...this took a bit huh? Well we didn't get our sample until Christmas eve and we were traveling for the holidays, so I hope you can understand my delay in posting my review! I know allot of people were curious about the peek-a-boob product and how it worked.

  I got this little package (which I have to say I was glad for how small the packaging was considering how small the product is!) and I was never so excited to open an envelope!

This cute little pink tin fell out into my hand
 All these little strips were inside.

   As a nursing mom, I have a TON of shirts that I cannot wear for about a year since the buttons pop open. So I figured what a perfect chance to try my peek-a-boob strips! I have a black blouse I love to wear when I'm not nursing, since that's the only time it fits. I pulled it out of my tote and tried it on. Sure enough, buttons still popping!

   So I got out my little tin, (perfect size for carrying in any purse or bag), and added a strip to my shirt. I never like using safety pins. They always pop open and poke me.

   Presto! No popping! It was pretty awesome! And it held for quite some time.

   When I really looked at the product it seemed no more than two sided tape. But turns out, regular two-sided tape doesn't really hold fabrics together.

   Overall I say its a pretty handy product to keep in your purse and really helps. My daughter has a vest she popped the button off so it was showing her undershirt. Put one of these strips on, and it held until I can re-sew the button back on.

   I also thought for as good of a hold as it has, it would be a pain pulling of my shirt. But it peeled right off and didn't even leave any residue! (You have to remove it before washing.)

   A big thanks to peek-a-boob for sponsoring our review! You can get to their web page by clicking the link/ad on the side of my post!


  1. getting much use out of my peek-a-boob strips from the giveaway!

  2. thats fantastic! i love mine! life-savers sometimes!